Friday, May 21, 2010

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, May 22

Ohhhh Lordy do we have a fantastic show planned for tonight. But before you listen to it, ask yourself some key questions...

Do you like laughing until your cheeks hurt? Does it take a lot to offend you? And, do you like raunchy good times? Then the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta is the right choice for you. All you need is a computer, minimal distractions, and a dirty sense of humor.

This is the show that allows comedians to let their hair down and cut loose! You will hear things that probably shouldn't be said. You will experience salacious, shocking, and entertaining comedic discussions on random topics. Rum and donuts are consumed, personal and dark secrets are revealed, and sometimes a boob pops out or a flaccid penis. Why would you want to miss out on that?!? Hey listen baby...there is never a dull moment with John and Susan and their hilarious entourage. Check it out. Now about our guests...

First up, the hilarious and talented Cory "Showtime" Robinson is joining us!

Cory "Showtime" Robinson has been doing stand-up in the Bay Area since he was 11 years old. Dared by a classmate to perform stand-up comedy at his local talent show, he went on to win that competition three times in four years and never looked back. He continued to pursue this talent with the help of a family friend and owner of Planet Gemini, Anthony Lane, who gave him the chance to perform in his club throughout his teenage years. It was at Planet Gemini where Cory was able to cultivate his talent, harden his edges, and learn the controversial arts of the stage. It is also here where he was able to meet and share the stage with such performers as George Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, Gabriel Iglesis, Steve McGrew, Ralph Harris, Christopher "Kid" Reid, the late Shirley Hemphill, and many others.

Next up the very funny and edgy Melanie O'Brian and the quick-witted and charming Greg Asdourian are on the program!

Melanie O'Brien burst onto the San Francisco comedy scene telling raunchy jokes at venues all over the Bay Area. I consider Melanie a kindred spirit to me in that dirty minds think alike! Let's just say she's going to fit right in as she makes her debut to the John Miller Program tonight. She's performed at venues such as the Purple Onion, Harveys, and the Dark Room. Recently, she won an open mic competition and advanced to the semifinals round, which will be taking place on May 29th at the 7 Mile House at 10 pm. She is also part of the troupe "SUGANASTY" (as am I)!! Meanwhile, Melanie just finished her 2nd year of law school, with hopes of being a public defender. People often ask her if she's going to drop out of law school to pursue stand-up, but she likes to think that she can manage them both, as naive as that may be.

Greg Asdourian is a native San Francisco Bay Area entertainer. Born in San Francisco and now residing in the East Bay, he has been performing his relateable, endearing, and self-deprecating brand of comedy all over California, including the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Greg's stage time isn't limited to comedy. He is also a professional stage actor. Having done "Shakespeare in the Park" to most recently starring in the west coast premiere of "Evil Dead: The Musical" with the Willows Theater Company. Greg hosts a very funny comedy show at Bliss Bar on Monday nights in San Francisco, and can also be found Tuesday night's doing stand-up at La Tapatia restaurant in Concord.

And finally we welcome back bubbly, fun, and sexy Coree Spencer alongside the wonderfully silly and intellectual Dr. Brian King!

Coree Spencer has been doing comedy for 10 years in the form of filmed sketch comedy winning numerous awards for writing and filmmaking. Her sketch “Top Friend” is the 13th most watched video on Myspace of all time. Her sketches have also been featured on the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Comedy website and Funny Or Die MySpace and YouTube. Coree also started and produced one of Portland’s longest running sketch comedy groups, Homeless Corner from 2003-2009 and from there, formed other award winning groups such as Awful Waffle, Ladies Night, and Kobra Kommander, which won Best Film, Best Editor, Best Musical Score and Audience Favorite for the Portland 48 Hour Film Project in 2009.

Coree is a writer, producer, video editor, director, actress, makeup artist and anything else that comes her way. She is currently in post production for her webseries "In It To Win It!" which features her as the lead actress. Coree is a regular at Castagnola’s Comedy Club on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, as well as many other clubs in the Bay area. She recently performed at the John Lovitz Comedy Club at their Up and Comers show in March in Hollywood, The Las Vegas Comedy Show with Joe Lowers, the Purple Onion in San Francisco and The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon. Coree is a radio personality and contributing interviewer for’s “Comedian on Comedian,” which is a series of nonsensical video interviews with Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Michael Ian Black, Wyatt Cenac, Hard n’ Phirm, Todd Barry and more. Coree also enjoys Velcro.

Dr. Brian King is a comedian who also is a psychologist specializing in Human Sexuality, which always makes for some hilarious and sizzling conversation! Dr Brian has led many research projects, written papers, and presented at national conferences regarding his research on s-e-x. Hell, they even let him teach college a few times. He is not a therapist or counselor, but he is an opinionated smart-ass with regular access to a computer. He is also a fan of hip-hop, vodka martinis, and girls that wear skirts in the winter. Oh, and comedy. Dr Brian likes to think he's a comedian. Dr. Brian also produces the wildly popular Wharf Room Comedy Stand-Up Showcase at Castagnola's in San Francisco.

Now go and get naked and do what you do! Just make sure you turn the camera on and send a clip to us. John needs something to masturbate to and well...I need a good laugh.

Then tune in!

Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta this Saturday night from 8 pm to midnight!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, May 15

Have you been thinking about us?

Have you been missing us? Have you been imagining being with us or listening to us? Because we've been thinking about you too. A LOT. And while we were thinking about you, we had our hands down our pants. Yeah that's right. Why? From excitement. Over what? Over The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, that's what. (That, and we just like to put our hands down our pants.)

Tonight is an incredible show with an awesome line-up of insanely talented (and in some cases, insane) comedians. (Yeah we know. What's new?) Our combination of celebrity guests, local outstanding performers, and NO CONTENT RESTRICTIONS make the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta the most deliciously fun comedy talk radio show to be on in the whole goddamned planet. Get it? Wonderful.

And now for the juicy line-up...

Steve Booth has had a varied career in stand-up, television, and film. His commercials include "Free Doritos – Snow globe throwing office worker," which was voted Superbowl XLIII’s NUMBER ONE COMMERCIAL by USA Today, MSNBC and YouTube, "Get More Heinz – Big Kid," a Herbert Brothers Production, and "Duct Tape – Duct Taped Roomate," a Doritos Crash The Superbowl Finalist that aired on Comedy Central, MTV, and G4. Steve was host of 17 episodes of XLTV, which aired on UPN for two seasons. He was also a featured performer on Uncut. Steve also appeared on SplatterFactor as comic relief interviewing paintball players and fans. This show aired for one season on FOXSPORTS. Steve has also had numerous small spots in music videos, local commercials, and appearances as a local personality.

Steve was also a featured comedian in the South of Sanity Stand-Up Comedy Tour, was a Finalist in Jerry Springer’s Funniest Fan Contest, and was a featured comedian in Laughter From The Homefront – a DVD for troops in Iraq. He has done hundreds of performances at comedy clubs, colleges, corporations, and theaters across the midwest. He is currently the Director of Nacho Mamas Comedy, and has been in the Wit’s End Comedy Troupe, Trespassers Only Improv Comedy, and Friday Night Live. Steve also taught improv and acting workshops at Xavier University and for corporate sales/brand/team building. Steve has authored a book and DVD series entitled Improv Games for Groups. He was also author and performer on House of Bugs, a 10-song children’s music CD, and he was author and performer for a 12-song comedy album entitled “Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed”. Steve Booth was also a celebrity judge at the Oxford International Film Festival

Next up...hey, what's that sQweeking sound?!? Is that...could it be...sQweeks Moralez in the house? Awwww yeahhh.

sQweeks Moralez is a stand-up comedian, comedic writer, and impressionable dreamer with a concern for creating laughter in the world. She's a woman who rolls up her sleeves, jumps in and gets involved. Recognized in the Bay Area for her distinct high-pitched voice and personal account of triumphs, tragedies, and unbridled opinions are for all those who really try to “keep it real”. Along her journey to master her craft and make her impression everlasting, sQweeks takes her comedic act on the road. She has performed at events such as the San Jose Improv’s Slanted Comedy, Unfiltered Underground, IL Pirata’s Bombshells, Tommy T’s Comedy Steakhouse, and other clubs and college shows all around the Bay Area. sQweeks continues her unending commitment to the goal of “Making You laugh” she promotes two monthly showcases, The Comedy Empire Show (San Jose, CA) and The Lookout Comedy Show (Sunnyvale, CA). Both shows promote comedy events to give back to the community, raise funds, and create awareness for different causes. Whether she’s talking about herself, relationships, or the world we live in, sQweeks offers a variety that appeals to all.

Next, we are happy to have Joe Gorman joining us!

Joe Gorman is a recent college graduate with the cherubic face of a recent driving school graduate. He's a fixture on the local scene and the founder of Baby Faces of Comedy Tour. Joe's mother once referred to him as an "apple-cheeked young man." Joe enjoys telling jokes and most of his punchlines end with him very-nearly raping something. He has performed at San Franciso's Punchline, the Purple Onion, and the San Jose Improv. He is also a stage actor, recently protraying Luke Skywalker in a stage adaptation of Star Wars at the Dark Room Theater.

And finally, we bring you the always interesting and usually delightful comedy stylings of Jesse Elias and Sammy Franco!

"Jesse Elias is a Holy Fool and stay-home flâneur coming from a rich and diverse background in the arts. A self-styled Romantic with little to no experience in matters of real life, his sense of humor was forged in the spiritual equivalent of a dark cave. If comedy were sports, his act would be miniature golf: less along the line of bone-crushing athletics on an open field and more like gently tapping balls through narrow, winding paths surrounded by castles and elephants." -- E.K

Sammy Franco is the king of Rollerdisco. Born in Brooklyn, Sammy's greatest accomplishment is winning a free pair of sneakers in a skating contest, no joke. As a comedian, he inspires others to throw tomatoes. His face is plated with titanium and constantly clicks near his ear, causing acute chronic psychosis and his hand is plated together with cadaver bone, making him the most undead comic in the city. He has developed a cult following, and is subsequently unwelcome at half a dozen clubs around the bay area. His total number of lovers is somewhere near a gross

Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta this Saturday night from 8 pm to midnight!

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta

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