Thursday, November 20, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Nov. 23


Although it is true that The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta was taken off the air by the station owner at Piratecatradio due to a conflict of interest (one could call it hatred if they wanted to) between the station owner and John, we just aren't the type to lay down and quit. We're more the type to pass out, wake up, then wonder how we got home last night.

Anyway, this conflict had been brewing for a long time and finally came to its conclusion last Sunday night with our show being pulled off the air.

But guess what, darlings. The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta 'aint over yet. We will continue on as an internet Webcast until we find a better station or get ourselves on a satellite channel.

NOT ONLY THAT... we are going to be kicking things up a notch by videotaping the show and providing video clips of our favorite guests for your voyeuristic pleasure. So, where you used to only be able to listen to our crazy, illicit antics, now you can watch us (and our wonderful guests). We'll provide video clips of our favorite guests up on our website, on YouTube, and on MySpace.

This Sunday night at 10 pm, we will be streaming some extra special shows. We will play our very first shows together on the JMP with SM (awwww how sweet!). To partake in the nostalgia (and my awkward beginnings as a radio talk show co-host), just go to and play the stream (

This feed and our upcoming live feeds has been provided by and Tune in (er, log on) this Sunday night starting at 8 pm – 12 am on for some really great shows. We will soon resume our hot, hilarious, and uncensored live comedy talk shows on our hot webcast (with video clips) starting in about 2 weeks.

Stay tuned for more exciting and risqué blogs that will announce our upcoming guests.

We love you and appreciate your continued support as our beloved, loyal listeners.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Nov. 9

We are now the Number 1 most listened to and most played back show at PirateCat Radio. Congratulations to us!!!

Big props (and big jugs) to Cheril Vendetti (she has big jugs), Adam McLaughlin (he's funny), Ben Feldman (we love you very much), and John Brown (prank call master) for making us Pee with Glee last week! Now go and play back the show and listen to it before it's gone! Shows only stay on the website one week. Don't miss out.

Check this out, sexy bitches. This show is going to be magical. No magicians or optical illusions or sawing people in half (although someone may end up juggling their nuts). This show is going to be about deliciously mischievous and revealing conversation, enriching educational opportunities, and we may just pull a rabbit out of someone’s ass, who knows.

We now have a regular awesome weekly segment on the show --

Raucous Rants with Will Durst! That’s right, local celebrity comedian and author, and "Quite Possibly the Best Political Satirist Today" -- New York Times....Will Durst has a regular home with us here on the JMP! He’ll be bringing our loyal listeners insightful, at times cynical, but always delightful and witty political commentary on today’s newsworthy events every single Sunday night on our show.

Our first guest,
Rob Little, is an old friend of the JMP. Rob’s a sketch comedy player on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and Last Call with Carson Daly. He headlines clubs and colleges all over the country, has appeared in national television commercials and on such shows as Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew, Comedy Central's Distraction, Fox News, and SiTV's Latino Laugh Festival. Rob's comedy CD, Born 20 Inches Long, is another testament to his talent and status as a comedic force. The Detroit Free press selected him as Michigan's "Best up and Coming Comedian," and was a finalist in both the Seattle and San Francisco International Comedy Competitions. Rob was also selected as a feature performer at the Chicago Comedy Festival along with the Boston Comedy and Movie Festival.

Next up, we are thrilled to have
Will Franken back on the show! Franken’s humor is rooted in the British sketch comedy tradition. Onstage, he portrays an eclectic mix of characters through a series of interconnected vignettes. His skits are often satirical, skewering a range of subcultures and political views. In 2005, the SF Weekly selected Franken as Best Comedian, the San Francisco Bay Guardian calls him the Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs, and named him one of the Top 25 People to Watch nationwide.

And finally on the JMP… we welcome the very funny comedian and expert ice cream scooper, Caitlin Gill!

A rising talent in the San Francisco comedy scene, people are talking about
Caitlin Gill. Most of those are people stuck in conversations with her father, who is really, really excited about his daughter telling dirty jokes in clubs. Since beginning her career in May of 2007, Caitlin has performed all over town, and is a regular at the San Francisco Punchline on Sunday nights. She is also the host of the "For Ladies Only" Open Mic at the Brainwash, and the "For Ladies Only" Showcase at Club Deluxe. Her style twists her personal experiences into engaging bits and stories, and drops phrases in your ear that will later litter your lexicon. Let me tell you something, kids…this lady is fucking hilarious. You have no idea.

Now unbuckle your overalls, spit your chewing tobacco out, and take a very long, hot shower. We want you clean and ready for us.

Tune in! Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta this Sunday night at 10pm to midnight!

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