Monday, October 29, 2007

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla November 4

In the first hour, we'll talk with Grace White, aka That Old Hippie Chick, a long-time friend of the JMP. She’s a classic bohemian with a mother who stalks her, a father to whom road rage is an art-form, and an act like no other. White has opened for such musical acts as 3 Doors Down, Starship, and Jethro Tull, as well as comedians Kevin Pollack, Rocky LaPorte, and Father Guido Sarducci. She’s made thousands of fans laugh in Golden Gate Park from the stage of San Francisco's long-running annual "Comedy Day" celebration. White’s all female comedy tour, Women Who Kick Comedy Butt, is a comedy show with a revolving lineup featuring bright women of all ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. You can find Candy on Grace's show as well as our next guest, Beth Schumann.

Beth Schumann’s hilarious observations and anecdotes are at once intelligent and silly. She speaks to many of the issues baby-boomers face today: high stress jobs, divorce, weight gain, health problems, and medications. Beth is a founding member of the Mixed Nuts: Comics on Meds stand up comedy troupe, which performs at popular venues throughout Northern California. The show features comedians on medication for a wide variety of mental health disorders, raising awareness and laughter at the same time. Beth has shared the stage with Rob Cantrell, Will Durst, Bobby Slayton, Harland Williams, and more.

Bob Johnston is a high-energy comic who grew up in a small town, and has been called “the only Redneck in the Bay Area.” Bob does a great job morphing blue-collar comedy with the high tech world and skips easily from topics such as baldness to ex-girlfriends to traffic problems. Getting his start in the East Bay/Oakland area helped Bob earned the title of “the blackest non-black comic.” Bob has opened for The Stylistics, Richard Lewis, Bruce Bruce, Tony Rock, Mary Ellen Hooper, Lavelle Crawford, and Sherman Helmsley (aka George Jefferson). Bob has performed at The Improv, the Punchline, the Comedy Store, and many more.

Tune in!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla October 21

In the first hour, we’ll talk with an old friend of the JMP, comedian Andy Slye. Andy’s a favorite in the Phoenix, AR scene, known for his drug-laced metaphors and comedy about civilian and military life. He’s headlined the Heavy Hitters of Comedy at the Hollywood Improv, appeared on Americas Funniest People, and most recently toured Airforce bases with Corey Holcomb. Andy has worked with Dave Attell, Nick Swardson, Jim Breuer, DL Hugley and many more.

In the second hour, we have Bay Area comics Phil Johnson and Kevin Munroe.

Phil Johnson is a raging optimist. Even when he’s screaming at the audience in the guise of a schizo killing his girlfriend or a jilted lover insulting every bit of his ex-lover’s femininity, it’s done with warmth and a knowing glance that it’s all in good fun. Phil deftly wields his guitar, spinning out one funny scenario after another. Most recently, he’s appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the San Jose Improv. He is one half the Battle of the Romantically Dysfunctional Songwriters.

Kevin Munroe is a favorite in the SF comedy scene and produced the long running “Ebony & Irony” show at the SF Comedy Club. He’s most recently appeared at “Full Contact Comedy” at 12 Galaxies, Mary Van Note’s “Comedy, Darling,” and the Punchline. He has an accent and won’t tell you where’s he from.

Tune in!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla, Sunday October 21

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla, Sunday October 21

Our first guests are Sandy Danto and Phil Haney, hosts of National Lampoon’s web series Fat Guy Nation. While they gleefully eat themselves to death they take on both America’s problem with bullshit diet marketing as well as overeating using the visual aides of Penthouse pets. Phil Haney is the editor of humor web site Sandy Danto regularly performs at the Comedy Store.

Yayne Abeba returns to the JMP for her second appearance. She has been touted as one of San Francisco's up and coming comedians and has performed with David Allen Grier, Dan Lewis, Kathleen Madigan, Rob Cantrell, Johnny Steele, Brian Copeland, Arj Barker, Jim Short, Tony Camin, Will Durst, and Al Madrigal, just to name a few.

Ronn Vigh’s brash attitude and acerbic wit earned him comparisons to a young Joan Rivers (SF Weekly)--well, if Joan were male, gay, and didn’t shoot Botox by the pound. He was featured on NBC's Last Comic Standing recently hosted Palm Springs Pride, headlined the Lake Tahoe Gay & Lesbian WinterFest, 10th Annual Michigan ComedyFest …the list goes on and on and on, much like when Ronn speaks.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

The John Miller Program with Candy ChurillaOctober 14

Dave Nickerson returns for the second week in a row. Dave has performed all over the US, as well as Japan, Korea, and exotic Canada! He has worked with some of today’s best comics, including Doug Stanhope, Harland Williams, Dave Attel, and Kevin Pollack. He still likes cheese.

We will also talk with Kira Soltanovich, series regular on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly. Born in the former Soviet Union, and raised by immigrant parents in San Francisco, Kira has plenty to laugh about. "Like most kids, my parents took me to Disneyland …not for the rides, for the lines. They assumed there’d be food at the end of them." And whether it's stand-up comedy, sketch, hidden camera or improv, Kira keeps nightclub and television audiences laughing. She has also appeared on such shows as Jimmy Kimmel Live, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Sam Shaw of Crisis Hopkins Improv has performed, directed, and produced improvisational theater in the Bay Area since 1998. Co-founder of the San Francisco Improv Co-operative, The Monday Night Improv Jam, and the San Francisco Improv Festival, Sam has also performed locally in scripted productions with Killing My Lobster, Unidentified, Cassandra’s Call, and the Exit Theater. He is proud to have produced the Japanese improv quartet Yellow Man Group, “discovered” and managed The Babcocks, and toured the country with the troupe-in-a-van The Wild Rumpus. Sam made his network television debut on Late Night with Conan O’Brien this year.

Justin Lamb is a Bay Area comic and member of sketch/improv troupe SPF7. They dream of one day having a space station. When he’s not performing, he writes the blog Let's Make A List First.

Tune in!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla, Sunday October 7

The John Miller Program with Candy Churilla, Sunday October 7

Our first guest, Dave Nickerson has performed all over the US, as well as Japan, Korea, and exotic Canada! He has worked with some of today’s best comics, including Doug Stanhope, Harland Williams, Dave Attel, and Kevin Pollack. He likes cheese.

In the second hour, we’ll talk with Bay Area comics Lisa Myers and Grant Lyon (both finalists in Rooster T. Feathers comedy competition, 2006).

Growing up, Lisa Myers stood out as the oddball in a sea of flannel shirts and John Deere caps in her small, mildewing, Oregon town. Rather than wallow in the quagmire of family-friendly, government-sanctioned safe comedy, Lisa's quick wit stretches the audience to the limits of taboo and perception. Having tackled venues from Seattle to Hollywood, Lisa is now sharing her act with most places in-between, including Rooster T. Feather's in Sunnyvale and the San Jose Improv.

Oscillating between moments of hyperactivity and a laid-back surfer attitude, Grant Lyon reveals his sixth grade personality on the stage. He discovered stand-up while playing collegiate soccer at UC Santa Cruz, and unfortunately for his soccer coach, the passion of his life changed. Grant has entertained at many venues in the Bay Area, including the San Francisco Punchline, Pepperbelly’s, and Rooster T. Feathers.

Tune in!!