Monday, June 30, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, July 6th

July 6th is going to be the perfect night to unwind by the radio.
July 6th is going to be the perfect night to …undress…by the radio.
July 6th is going to be the perfect night to ………make sweet comedy love, ORGY STYLE…on the radio. (Please remember to keep your private parts away from the electrical sockets.)

Yes that’s right. ORGY STYLE. (This is much like Animal Style, only slightly less mustard and slightly more groans.)
We’re having an orgy...with the pan-handlers outside, but still!! A very sexy orgy nonetheless. Instead of handing out change, we’ll be handing out apricot-flavored lube (crack-scented), and we'll be facilitating sweaty, sexual events on the sidewalk. Any takers? Who wants to be the fluffer?

Don’t you think you’ll feel sexy this Sunday? No? Why the heck not? Do you think you’re going to be too exhausted, sunburned, and hung-over from your Fourth of July weekend? Is that what the prediction is? Is this based on some sick, drunken, yet patriotic annual pattern you’ve got going? So what you’re saying is, you’re predicting you might screw up and miss one of the best shows you’ve ever heard?? REALLY? What is your problem?

Are you going to be all bloated and lethargic from drinking too many Coors (“Ceurs”) and eating too many charred up marshmallows and slimy, limp hot dogs? Are you going to be too depressed because you spent all your money on gas, Doritos, and babysitters trying to get away from it all? The job? The in-laws? Those noisy neighbors and no-boundary-havin’ roommates? But all you did was just sit in traffic and you didn’t even get laid?

July 6th is a special day. Aside from being the birthday of Merv Griffin, Nancy Reagan (Just Say NO!), and 50 Cent…(Hey what do you think he will buy himself on his birthday? A George Foreman Tooth Grill?), we are celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, although a couple days belated. Because you know what? That’s just how we roll. Let's just say that some people on the program may be drinking (and pleading) the 5th.

First up, John and Susan will enjoy Dave McRae and Gary Penovich. Dave McRae is a touring headliner, a regular at the Ice House in Pasadena and the San Jose Improv, and brings the funny to stages all over the darn place. Gary Penovich is a regular at the Blue Rock Shoot in Saratoga and Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale, and appears at many other comedy venues and corporate events around the Silicon Valley area (or within a five mile radius of his wife). :-)

Finally, John and Susan welcome Sammy Obeid and Chris Schiappacasse (that's "Shee - Ya - Pah - KAH *- Say") to the studio. Sammy Obeid was this year's FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Competition, performs with the Co-Exist Comedy Tour, and hosts the lively Mission Pizza Comedy Showcase in Fremont. Chris Schiappacasse is one very "interesting" character sure to delight, entertain, amuse, shock, and disturb you. (He is likely the one who will have his penis caught in the electrical socket.) Our goal on this show will be to get Chris to change his name for the benefit of comedy emcee's and bookers everywhere (it's a very difficult last name, that's all I'm saying), and maybe he will even step up to the role of the aforementioned "fluffer".

Tune in!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, June 29

Summer's heating up and so is the scalding hot talent coming to the JMP studio this Sunday night. It's literally going to be hotter than Satan's balls up in here. Do you understand this? That's right, we are cookin'. Sizzlin'. We are fryin' like chickens-n-potatoes and barbeque-in' like ribs-n-hot links. So put on your banana hammocks, pull up a lawnchair, put your bib on, crack open a cold "Ceurs", grab an ear of buttery corn (cuz we love it corny), and have yourselves a listen.

John and Susan welcome 3 hilarious local comedians Owen Good, Erikka Innes, and Scotty Fell.

Susan claims Owen Good should be called “Owen Funny” but his credit card companies have a different name for him---“Owen Money!” Owen Good is a recovering newspaper journalist slowly being reintroduced to normal society. After years of writing for a third-grade reading level in a family newspaper, Owen's glad to move on to a more adult medium and vocabulary. His dry observations and snide commentary comes at you fast and informed, like the front page if MAD magazine took over the New York Times.

Quirky and energetic, comedian Erikka Innes delivers comedy that features snappy one-liners and stories about life as a slightly spacey but smart geek girl, and a lot of clever insights into the world around us. Her high-energy performances are a guided tour through a wonderland where D&D is the national pastime and William Shatner’s rendition of Rocket Man is the national anthem. Erikka has been on tour with Women Who Kick Comedy Butt and she also created her own comedy show ’Geek Comedy Night’. She has performed at the major clubs in the bay area, written for the television show "Fondle the Fear" and worked as a film scout for Viacom Productions. When she’s not writing or performing, she’s probably busy dreaming about being a starship captain.

Finally we have the silly and wonderfully outlandish Scotty Fell. Scotty regularly performs at venues all around the bay area. Scotty is one person who knows how to enjoy life. He loves comedy, music, travel, casinos (bad math and bright lights), dining out, performance theater, hockey, auto racing, BBQ, mixed drinks and dark beer, pizza, sex, performing in the comedy spotlight, cold weather storms, San Francisco, alternative lifestyles, religious ideology, the extreme left, and the extreme right.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, June 22

The fun keeps on going and our ratings keep climbing higher and higher baby! We are breaking new records for the number of listeners (we doubled our listeners in the past month alone). To sum it up, this show is not only HILARIOUS and HOT and RAW, but it is also chock full of shockers and surprises. This show just keeps getting better by the week and if you 'aint listening, you 'aint ending your week with laughs. This show is completely UNCENSORED, honest, and extremely personal. This is explicitly raw and most revealing comedy at its finest, basest, most primal core. Essentially, we are comedic cavemen and cavewoman and we are proud of it!

Without further ado, we have a stellar line-up of talent on the air this week. Susan’s favorite comedian in the entire bay area is back on the program this Sunday night (the beloved Anthony Hill) as well as other prized, delightful favorites of the JMP. It’s stimulating. It’s titillating! It’s not only deliciously juvenile but it’s also senior-approved! (Approved by those with memory problems, that is..)

Growing up in Oroville Ca. (where gravy is considered a beverage)
Anthony Hill soaked in and rebelled against his redneck surroundings. As with most comedians, he was the class clown spending lots of time in the principal’s office. Anthony has performed in every major comedy club in the Bay Area including the Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, and the San Jose Improv, where he is considered a ‘favorite’, sharing the stage with national headliners such as Brett Butler, Maria Bamford, Willie Barcena, Robert Schimmel, Darrell Hammond, Jeff Dunham, Bob Saget, and Brian Regan. Anthony is also busy working in small clubs, corporate functions, comedy festivals, and major benefits every week of the year.

Phil Johnson isn’t angry. Even when he’s screaming at the audience in the guise of a schizo killing his girlfriend or a jilted lover insulting every bit of his ex-lover’s femininity, it’s done with a warmth and a knowing glance that it’s all in good fun. It communicates to the audience that no matter what problems they’re going through, there’s always someone even more screwed up than them. Phil Johnson is, in fact, a raging optimist. And better yet, it’s all set to music. Phil Johnson deftly wields his guitar, spinning out one funny scenario after another. Far beyond the strumming/storytelling and parody style of other comedians his songs are all original, and written to include the music as an integral part of the story. His shows have been called “choreographed frenzy” and his easy, mellow command of the stage turns completely demented on a dime. It’s a show with variety, energy, and originality that definitely pushes the boundaries. With years of experience leading his band Roadside Attraction, a college degree in music, and his activities in film and TV, Phil Johnson knows well what it takes to entertain an audience. But beyond just entertainment, Phil seeks to actually communicate something important… That life is just not as serious as we all think.

Finally we have the zany and wonderful
Jimmy Gunn, another unique comedian and bay area club favorite with a style unlike any other! You can catch Jimmy Gunn at venues everywhere, and you don’t want to miss him. This is one comedian you will NEVER forget!!!

Tune in!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, June 8


Put up your dukes -- we’re going to do some ASS KICKING this Sunday night.

That’s right, these funny babes are kickin’ butts and takin’ names. These boxing-with-wit, beautiful, comedic champions are getting ready to enter the JMP ring in style. They’ve put on their gloves, they’ve primped their hair and makeup, and they’ve had a few beers. Who wants free ringside seats!? This is a night jam-packed with estrogen, full of gut-busting laughs, and fisting. I mean boxing. I mean joking. Every comic featured on the air this Sunday night is brilliant, tells hilarious jokes, and has a vagina! (Well, except John.) (Every comic featured on the air does have an anus though.)

First up, we have a favorite of the JMP,
Kira Soltanovich. Born in the former Soviet Union, and raised by immigrant parents in San Francisco, Kira Soltanovich has plenty to laugh about. "Like most kids, my parents took me to Disneyland …not for the rides, for the lines. They assumed there’d be food at the end of them." Kira was a series regular for four seasons on Girl Behaving Badly, and has also appeared on such shows as Jimmy Kimmel Live, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Next up, John and Susan bring Grace White and Beth Schumman into the ring.

Grace White, a.k.a. “That Old Hippie Chick”, is a classic bohemian with a mother who stalks her, a father to whom road rage is an art-form, and a stand-up comedy act like no other. White launched her comedy career at the onset of her "Middle Ages," and has gone on to open for such musical acts as 3 Doors Down, Starship, Edgar Winter, Leon Russell, and Jethro Tull, as well as comedians Kevin Pollack, Jack Mayberry, Rocky LaPorte, and Father Guido Sarducci. Her television credits include appearances on "Good Morning America" and the "Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon," she made her film debut in "The Independent," starring Jerry Stiller and Janeane Garofalo, and she's made thousands of fans laugh in Golden Gate Park from the stage of San Francisco's long-running annual "Comedy Day" celebration.White is a symphony of contradictions, a blur of reluctant energy, and a compulsive workaholic entrepreneur who stubbornly maintains her title of World’s Laziest Woman. She’s also a successful single parent (her daughter’s never been to jail), and has earned a solid reputation for herding aspiring comedians through their performing puberty. White’s all female comedy tour, Women Who Kick Comedy Butt, has toured nationally and is now making plans to take over the planet. That Old Hippie Chick may not be the last of her tribe, but she is surely one of the most entertaining.

Beth Schumman is one of the founding members of the Mixed Nuts: Comics on Meds stand up comedy troupe, which performs at popular venues throughout Northern California. The show features comedians on medication for a wide variety of mental health disorders, raising awareness and laughter at the same time. Beth is also a regular with Grace White's Women Who Kick Comedy Butt. Beth has shared the stage with Rob Cantrell, James P. Connolly, Jimmy Dore, Will Durst, Al Madrigal, Phil Palisoul, Tom Pecora, Tom Rhodes, Dwight Slade, Bobby Slayton, Harland Williams, and more.

Tune in!

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